Meet the People Who Have Changed My Life

Meet My Family

It is no surprise that I am an extremely family-oriented individual. I have stepped through every stage of life with unbelievable support from my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, since I was a little girl playing soccer in the summer. Perhaps one of my greatest joys in life is to sit at dinner with my family on Sunday evenings, and debrief about the week. My family has always, and will always mean the world to me, and I am blessed to be apart of such a fantastic group of funny, kind, and loving individuals.

Meet My Friends

I have had a fair share of friendships in my lifetime, some which were built to last and some that haven’t gone so well. I have always been a person who requires companionship, and I am truly blessed to say that I have wonderful found wonderful friends during my time as a student at both Dickinson College and Allegheny College. These people are truly responsible for keeping me going, with their encouraging words, ability to always make me laugh, wise comments, and passion for doing their best. I cannot imagine what type of person I would be without the people who can commiserate about how terrible college can be, and also celebrate the small successes that come with being a student at a small, liberal arts school. Every day I am thankful that I met each of these individuals in intro chemistry, software engineering, software innovation, and computer security, there are no people I’d rather sit through lecture with.

Meet Bosco

Bosco is my dog, a 7-year-old Havanese who exclusively likes to spend time with me and my parents. While I do consider Bosco to be my best friend, it is clearly the case that his banana-shaped squeaky toy is definitely his best friend. Bosco spends a lot of time sleeping, when he isn’t barking at any person who knocks on the front door, or visiting the students at Allegheny College. Overall, he’s the just the perfect dog and I would never want to have another called my little brother.