🤓 You Can Call Me Maddy

Hello! It’s great to meet you! My name is Madelyn Kapfhammer, but please call me Maddy (all of my friends do). I am a senior at Allegheny College double majoring in biology and computer science and minoring in global health studies. Yes, it is an interesting and difficult combination, but I have a unique passion for all of these fields and am so excited to continue my journey into the fields of bioinformatics and data analytics. Along with being a student, I am a daughter, Constant Comment tea lover, avid Spotify user, sincere friend, and foodie extraordinaire! At Allegheny, I am a technical leader, and a software engineer for the computer science department, public health informatics lab manager, biology teaching assistant, engaged student, and big fan of the classic brick streets.

Through collaborative learning and laboratory work, I have developed a strong passion for the fields of Biology and Computer Science. Through personal research experiences in ethics, health analytics, disease ecology, partner data analytics, and software engineering; I have developed strong communication, programming, and analytical skills. In the future, I would like to leverage these strengths in the field of Computational Epidemiology to better understand the spread of diseases for the improvement of public health interventions. I realize that Computational Epidemiology is a specialized and multidisciplinary field that requires a skill set beyond my current abilities, which will be attained in a graduate school program.

I have a dramatic curiosity for disease systems modeling, software development and predictive analytics. I hope to find a unique combination of all of these interests in a graduate school program, leading me down a path to work for national health agencies. I often spend my time studying, but when you can’t find me studying at a table on the second floor of the Allegheny College campus center, I’m usually spending time with my family, working at a local coffee shop or playing board games with my best friends.