Some Spotify Recommendations

It’s kind of like I’ve sold my soul to Spotify

Obviously, this isn’t completely true, I do still have a soul, but wow I really do love spotify. Really, I love music in general. And no I’m not going to engage in the Apple Music/Spotify debate (I don’t own any Apple products), and honestly, who even uses Pandora Music anymore? So I use spotify. All day. Every day. And I love it.

Music is kind of a thing that I’ve always been drawn to. I remember sitting in the backseat riding with my mom to go to Walmart for groceries and listening to Maroon 5, and siting in the chair in my dad’s home office listening to Sarah Groves (it’s okay if you have no idea who she is, most people don’t).

As I grew older my tastes in music changed. I began laying the trumpet in fourth grade and had a huge jazz kick for a while. Of course, like every other fourth grader at Cochranton Elementary school I was also obsessed with Fireflies by Owl City, which kind of is still a bop. In my journey of middle school I went through the Jason Derulo rite of passage. Like most high schoolers, I listened to the popular radio pop songs, but first semester of college I found myself or rather, my taste in music.

I like to tell people that I listen to music that no one has heard of. Which I think is pretty accurate. My taste in music ranges somewhere between alternative rock and indie with a few randoms mixed in. I like everything, but only love certain types of music.

Here’s what I’ve been playing on repeat

You don’t have to play them on repeat but please give them a chance